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Canton Veterans' Memorial Park Presentation

Walter Molis of the Canton Honor Guard put together this presentation on all known Canton Veterans who have died in service to the country

Canton Remembers Our Veterans


On October 21st, 2017 Veterans and their loved ones gathered at The Canton Public Library to have their keepsake photographs and items scanned for presentation here and archiving at Digital Commonwealth.  Click Here to see the article in the Canton Citizen that George Comeau of the Canton Historical Society wrote at the time of the event. 

This is by no means a definitive list of all of the members of our community who have served.  We intend to work with the Canton Historical Society and the Veterans Services Department and we will present many more of the resources we have in the library in the near future.

If you have photos or memorabilia which you would like us to include, please fill out and sign a Service Member Information Form with the name of the veteran to be honored and an Item Information Form for each image you send.  Please include as much description as you can on each form.

Please send your files (and any questions) to Matt Amory, Librarian for Information and Technology.